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We Are Committed to Break Every Chain

That Keeps You in Bondage So You Can Live the Life That GOD Has Given You – to its Fullest.

The First Step

The first step to getting counseling is finding the right therapist who is experienced, non-judgmental, compassionate, honest, trustworthy, and who practices what he or she preaches. With the social media being such a large part of our lives, we believe that any therapist who is forthright enough to identify him/herself as a Christian has opened up their life to moral investigation.

Seeking a therapist needn’t be scary or intimidating. At Broken Chains Christian Counseling, we believe that what IS scary, however, is omitting God from counseling and believing we have all the answers and all control. At Broken Chains Christian Counseling, Inc It’s not about religion as much as it IS about each person’s personal connection to God with the ability to live life to the fullest as God intends for us. Take the first step today – call our office at 623-533-5138. This is where your healing from brokenness will begin.

Broken Chain Christian Counseling, Inc. provides individual, group, relationship, pre-marital and marriage therapy and court-ordered counseling (pertaining to but not limited to) issues such as:


Substance Abuse

Alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, internet addictions, gambling addictions,workaholics, busyolics, video game addictions, etc,
All addictions are a way to cope, numb and avoid. We believe that  Read More


Mood Disorders

Often people with mood disorders are misunderstood. They are often very sensitive people who react to certain noises, and smells. Some are very intuitive, sensitive or even psychic where they feel and react to the energy of the world or of people, Read More


PTSD, Trauma and Dissociation

Everyone experiences episodes of dissociation (occasional “blanking out and losing time”). But people with dissociative disorders use dissociation routinely to cope with stress. It seems that dissociation develops in people Read More


Progressive Anxiety

Our chart explaining progressive anxiety clarifies that although one can live a STRESS-free life, silence is not golden and unresolved STRESS can turn into ANXIETY. The definition of ANXIETY is fear of the unknown or the Read More



Depression comes in many forms. There is situational depression such as grief and loss which is explainable, and there in unexplainable DEPRESSION characterized by a sudden loss of interest in activities, Read More


Anger Management

Individuals have anger problems for various reasons. Some examples are: unresolved situational problems, grief and loss, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain or other medical problems, Read More

We Are Committed to Break Every Chain

So You Can Live this Life GOD Has Given to its Fullest

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