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Substance Abuse

Alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, internet addictions, gambling addictions,workaholics, busyolics, video game addictions, etc, All addictions are a may to cope, numb and avoid. We believe that the enemy (i.e.Satan, the evil one) is a liar and attacks good people through temptations destroying families, changing behaviors, and destroying lives.

Mood Disorders and Bipolar

Often people with mood disorders are misunderstood. They are often very sensitive people who react to certain noises, and smells. Some are very intuitive, sensitive or even psychic where they feel and react to the energy of the world or of people, Many try to stabilize their atmosphere and mood by being people pleasers ,or by avoiding change or by being OCD. Many do not trust because they can not trust their own mood when it is impulsively triggered into depression, anger, impulsivity or rage.

PTSD, Trauma and Dissociation

Everyone experiences episodes of dissociation (occasional “blanking out and losing time”) But people with Dissociative disorders use dissociation routinely to cope with stress. It seems that dissociation develops in people who are using types of sedatives, alcohol or drugs or medications which are downers, or it develops in those who have a childhood trauma history and have learned early in life to dissociate. . Some people with a trauma history repeat the trauma on others or engage in self destructive behaviors. When PTSD memories of abuse occur many feel like the abuse of long ago happened just today. Some may relive the abuse through physical pain, nightmare or flashbacks (daymares). Other symptoms include feeling stuck in trauma, depression, anxiety and paranoia with avoidance are common where one detaches and becomes emotionally numb and may dissociate. There are 5 levels of dissociation and although Dissociative Identity Disorder is the least understood it is much more common than people realize.

Progressive Anxiety

Our chart explaining progressive anxiety clarifies that although one can live a STRESS-free life, silence is not golden and unresolved STRESS can turn into ANXIETY. The definition of ANXIETY is fear of the unknown or the “what ifs?” When unresolved and avoided, ANXIETY progresses to ANXIETY ATTACKS the symptoms of which often include heart palpitations and fear over having to face some known challenge. When ANXIETY ATTACKS are not dealt with his often progressives itself into symptoms of PANIC. Often people go the emergency room because PANIC ATTACKS happen unexpectedly and can feel like a heart attack with shortness of breath, the sweats and a need to run or escape. When PANIC ATTACKS are not dealt with they progress and create AGORAPHOBIA which means the person experiencing PANIC is now avoiding situations where the PANIC occurred and is often found isolating, When PANIC DISORDER WITH AGORAPHOBIA is not dealt with, we call this the TRAUMA zone. Unresolved STRESS then turns inward causing the body trauma by attacking itself through autoimmune disorders, dissociative symptoms (i.e. losing time), conversion disorder (i.e. temporary paralysis) or somatization disorder where your whole body hurts. Please know that with the progression of ANXIETY usually comes the progression of RACING, BUSY, WORRIED THOUGHTS which often prevents someone from concentrating or sleeping.


Depression comes in many forms. There is situational depression such as grief and loss which is explainable, and there in unexplainable DEPRESSION characterized by a sudden loss of interest in activities, too little or too much sleep, hopelessness, loss of energy, and often with feelings of irritability and impending doom. There is also DEPRESSION due to bipolar symptoms which can cause one to act out impulsively when they jump from the manic high down to a paralyzing pit of hopelessness. Unresolved anxiety can also result in depression. Some people are born with DEPRESSION and don’t realize it because that grey cloud they experience on a daily basis is their normal.
Contrary to how many people feel, not everyone who experiences DEPRESSION is suicidal but UNRESOLVED DEPRESSION can result in suicidal ideation. Suicide is not an option because God put you in this world to experience what you have to experience for a reason. Life is a test of faith. Make this test your testimony. By doing so, one day you may have the opportunity to tell your story and save a life. Life is worth living!

Anger Management

Individuals have anger problems for various reasons. Some examples are: unresolved situational problems, grief and loss, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain or other medical problems, bipolar flareups or mood disorders, negative racing thoughts, chronic worry, chronic fear, inability to sleep, inability to communicate and problem-solve, or loss of spirituality, or hope. When anger affects the atmosphere of others it can result in emotional or physical abuse and trigger substance abuse issues which destroys relationships

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